We are experts in leveraging social media to achieve optimal results for any brand, no matter where their audience is located - be it TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or any other platform. Our skills in this area enable us to unlock the full potential of social media for our clients.

In today's digital landscape, creative and value-driven digital marketing is crucial to the success of any brand. At Reviei Technologies, we provide the necessary tools to help you promote your product on a large scale, tapping into the abundant opportunities available on the internet. Whether you need web development or marketing services, Planet Green is your all-in-one solution.

We Offer

Custom build online experiences to excite and engage your audience. Taking every aspect of your brand into consideration – objectives, challenges, future growth – we use an insight driven, design-led approach to get the platform right for you and your audience.


Search Engine Optimization

When it comes to SEO we take a classic approach and use human-lead strategies and tactics. We believe in quality over quantity. When done right, eCommerce SEO has the highest ROI of any paid ad or marketing campaign. We grow businesses by helping shoppers find your products organically before they find your competitors.


Social media marketing

Utilizing social media exposure can be crucial in expanding brand awareness and driving direct sales for your products or services, depending on your specific business goals and industry. To achieve this, there are three main areas where social media marketing can be leveraged effectively.

1. Community Management

Building audience, publishing content and managing interaction with your followers

Paid advertising

Running Ad campaigns with the goal to generate leads and make sales


Utilizing Facebook Pixel to show ads only to the audiences that visited your website already


Paid promotions

We recognize the importance of making an immediate impact on your business, and we're fully committed to supporting this goal. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising is where supply meets demand, and every campaign is unique, relying on factors like your competition and the market's current state. Our PPC agency strives to ensure that your ads generate a return on investment while also presenting your brand in the best possible light. To establish a solid foundation for successful campaigns, we recommend taking the following steps.

1. Apply for a consultation

Getting in touch will allow us to learn more about your business, target audience, and main competitors. We will use that info to get a clear picture of the advertising space in your industry and come back with a plan.

2. Get PPC analysis

We will present you with information on your competition and expected prices of clicks and conversions. It will also provide you insight into our recommended strategies for targeting, ads copy, and landing page designs.

3. Do the math

It comes down to calculating your bottom line and the price you are willing to pay for a new business opportunity. We should proceed only if we truly believe that recommended PPC strategies will bring profitability to your business.

4. Get a monthly plan

Manage your campaigns daily with the support of our PPC team , to maximize the chances of getting quality leads at competitive prices. It all includes a lot of A/B testing, Bid Adjustments, and retargeting efforts.